The Friend That Shines.

The friend that shines is a magical one to have

The friend that shines is a magical one to have.

They are the one that sparks joy immediately once they appear, greeting everyone in the room like they are the only person in there.

The friend that shines has a laugh so contagious that everyone forgets why they were laughing in the first place. Their smile is so infectious that you only realise once your own cheeks start to ache.

They hug you extra hard, and listen to you attentively. They hold your gaze, ensuring that you are the most important person in that moment. And, for that moment, you feel as if you are.

The friend that shines commands attention without even trying. They are a calming, deep breath, the warming sensation across your chest. The literal life and soul.

They spark electricity with every touch, and that moment, you feel as if you have caught a glimpse of their magical power. For that moment, you think you can shine too.

The friend that shines does not lack folks to reach out to. The power of their shine does not extend to only you. They have hordes of others who all demand their attention, who crave to be shone upon, just like you.

But that’s the beauty of the friend who shines. Their heart is so big that you do not doubt their love for you.

Because for that moment — when the gaze is met, when the electricity is felt, or when the hug is extra tight — you know that you can shine, too.


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