Adventures in Dating 22: Interception.

On this edition of Adventures in Dating, Ella goes speed dating for a second time and makes an interception

Remember when I went speeding dating by playing Cards Against Humanity? How could you forget, especially when the wildest thing EVER happened to me after? Well, I thought to cleanse myself after that, ahem, unique experience, I should try out traditional speed dating. Before I go on, I should disclose that this event was gifted, because apparently you can get fined if you don’t. All opinions are, as always, my own, honest and genuine.

You may also be thinking… Ella, you didn’t count your first speed dating event as a date, why are you doing it now? Well, impatient reader, if you carry on reading, you may just find out why.

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Adventures in Dating 21: Mixed Signals.

In this edition of Adventures in Dating, Ella gets some mixed signal on her third date with Q
Original photo by Sian.

Here we have it, the final chapter of my dating triology with Q (oh yeah, spoiler, we didn’t go on any more after this). I’m sure you’re all at the edge of your seats wanting to find out what happened next…

Before Q and I went on our spontaneous second date, we had already arranged to go to a comedy show of a comedian I knew. I was going to go regardless, but thought it would be fun for him to come along. He had gone a bit quiet since we went out, so I checked if he was still up for coming.

“Totally cool if not,” I told him, “seeing me twice in one week is probably more than enough!”

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Adventures in Dating Bonus: Dodging Bullets.

In this Adventures in Dating bonus post, Ella recounts the story of an internet stalker

Welcome, friends. Can you believe that there are less than six dates to go in the experiment, and less than a month (26 days to be exact, irony is not lost) to go until until I turn 26? (23rd July, mark it in your diary, pals, I want a card or the very least your best compliment) I better get a jog on with publishing these date posts – you would think a schedule of once a week would be more than do-able… except I HATE a schedule. Too much pressure. However, I absolutely promise that you will get six date posts before my Big 26. PINKY PROMISE.

But before we dive into the last leg of this experiment, I want to tell you tales of the dates that could have been. Well, at least initially I did. I wanted to include three stories of near-misses, however one in particular was so long, that when editing down, I realised that it really needed it’s own post. So here it is, quite possibly one of the craziest things that’s happened to me in these last few months, and we didn’t even go on a proper date

Remember when I went on that speed dating event where I played Cards Against Humanity with several groups of strangers? What has happened with one person in particular has been a RIDE, to say the least.

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Adventures in Dating 19 and 20: Double Bill

In the game of dating, not all of them will be winners. In the newest post in Adventures in Dating, Ella recounts what she learnt from two average dates,

A double bill? Did I go on two dates in one day again? God no, been there done that, plus that was much too tiring. No, I am doing a post with two dates for the price of one blog post because, quite frankly, I didn’t have a lot to say about them. Is this cheating? Hell no, because I make the rules, baby! Plus this felt like a much better use of time than providing you with two tiny posts.

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Adventures in Dating 18: A Spontaneous Night Out.

On the next Adventures in Dating, Ella goes on a second date and gets drunk and handsy

Things with Q amped up after our first date. We were texting a lot before, but were doing even more so now that we knew each other a little better. He made me laugh and things felt easy with him, like I didn’t have to put up any false pretenses. I do try to be myself as much as possible when dating – it’s the only way to be when getting to know someone – but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t hold back certain quirks in order to make a good impression (hey now, not that quirks are bad, but you’ve got slowly roll out the crazy).

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