Adventures in Dating 17: “Happy to be Alive.”

Q and I matched on Bumble during the phase when I was asking everyone what their favourite kind of tree was (hey, sometimes you need to get creative when you’re always making the first move).

“I’d have to go with tee tree,” he said, “You?”

“I like a willow tree,” I said, “I think if I had to live in a tree, it would be a willow.”

“Eucalyptus trees look pretty comfy.”

“Eucalyptus would be good to live in, doubles as a spa.”

“I like you, thinking about this properly.”

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My Life Now / Goodbye, Ashtead.

View from my old room.

When I first moved down from Sheffield to Ashtead in March 2017, I was in a frustrating time in my life. I was feeling stale in Sheffield, working a job I hated and made me feel stressed and upset every single day. All of my job applications were being rejected left, right and centre. I was living nearly 200 miles away from my boyfriend at the time. And though I had a close-knit group of friends (the only thing keeping me in Sheffield), I still somehow felt disconnected from them. Oh, and I was, like, SUPER depressed.

So I took action. I knew I wouldn’t be able to grow in Sheffield anymore, so I knew I had to move. I had been saying since uni that I wanted to move to Manchester one day, and that seemed like the next logical step. A bigger city, more opportunities, and the added benefit of having friends there, too. But, there was a complication that my boyfriend lived in Surrey. We had already been doing long-distance for a year and a half, and the thought of staying long-distance for an undetermined amount of time didn’t feel right.

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Adventures in Dating 16: Cat Person.

(But like, not THAT Cat Person.)

After a little while of struggling on Bumble, things were starting to pick up and I was seeing move matches. P came across my screen as I was doing my evening swipe, and his bio, though short and sweet, got my attention: “Yes, all the photos are of me… it’s been a journey.”

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Adventures in Dating 15: Bumble Bust.

Last year, when I was newly single and ready to mingle, I dived into a new (to me) dating app that I had heard about for a while – Bumble. If you’re unfamiliar, Bumble is like Tinder in where you swipe right for yes and left for no, however when you make a match, the woman makes the first move, and she has 24 hours to do so or the match will expire. In cases where two women match, it’s fair game on who makes the first move, but the time limit still applies.

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Adventures in Dating 14: Anticlimax.

In this edition of Adventures in Dating, Ella goes on a second date but isn't excited about it.

After our date, J went on holiday for a week, so naturally I didn’t hear much from her. I got on with my life as she went gallivanting around the mountains in Switzerland. In fact, it sounds kinda bad, but I actually forgot about her a bit until she texted me when she got back, but it was a pleasant surprise seeing her name pop up on my screen.

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