Adventures in Dating 22: Interception.

On this edition of Adventures in Dating, Ella goes speed dating for a second time and makes an interception

Remember when I went speeding dating by playing Cards Against Humanity? How could you forget, especially when the wildest thing EVER happened to me after? Well, I thought to cleanse myself after that, ahem, unique experience, I should try out traditional speed dating. Before I go on, I should disclose that this event was gifted, because apparently you can get fined if you don’t. All opinions are, as always, my own, honest and genuine.

You may also be thinking… Ella, you didn’t count your first speed dating event as a date, why are you doing it now? Well, impatient reader, if you carry on reading, you may just find out why.

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Dating Against Humanity – My first go at speed dating.

If any of you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I’m getting dating app fatigue at the moment. My amount of matches aren’t slowing down, necessarily, but everyone I’ve matched with lately is either not replying or not making a commitment to meeting up, opting instead on inane in-app small talk, until I give up out of pure frustration (or until I ask them if they want to go for a drink and then they ghost me).

Someone on Instagram gave me the idea of trying out speed dating, as there are loads of events around London, and most companies operate the policy of, if you don’t meet anyone you want to see again, you’ll get the next event free. I’ve never been speed dating before – a former work colleague once floated the idea that we all go to a speed dating event last year, but nothing came of it. So, using my frustration with apps as my guiding force, I typed ‘speed dating in London’ into my browser and hit search.

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